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These are our Letterbox Finds from 201 to 399

Sunday, August 03, 2003


My Fav Ornament - Kindergarten Keepsakes, Charlestown, RI 07/26/03
Camping at Burlingame, Charlestown, RI 07/26/03
The Throne at Wanda & Pete's, Charlestown, RI 07/26/03
Garden Party at Wanda & Pete's, Charlestown, RI 07/26/03
Lil' Rhod-Ster at Wanda & Pete's, Charlestown, RI 07/26/03
Soccer Challenge, Bristol, CT 07/28/03
Jared the Rockwell Raptor, Bristol, CT 07/28/03
Mapsurfer's Gang of 8, 08/01/03
The Fox Place, Middlebury, CT 08/02/03
Middlebury Greenway, Middlebury, CT 08/02/03
Mattatuck State Forest #13, Watertown, CT 08/02/03
Foothills BMX, Torrington, CT 08/02/03
People's Forest #8, Barkhamsted, CT 08/02/03
Farmington Valley Greenway South, Avon, CT 08/02/03
Mackworth Island Series, Falmouth ME 08/09/03
Royal River, Yarmouth, ME 08/09/03
The Maine Event, Brunswick, ME 08/09/03
Stowaway HH, Brunswick, ME 08/09/03
Gossomer Wings HH, Brunswick, ME 08/09/03
Here Comes the Ticks HH, Brunswick, ME 08/09/03
Chickadee HH, Brunswick, ME 08/09/03
Don't Panic HH, Brunswick, ME 08/09/03
Patriots Rule HH, Brunswick, ME 08/09/03
Order of the Red Hand HH, Brunswick, ME 08/09/03
Music Woman's Traveler, Brunswick, ME 08/09/03
The 3 Hidden Maine Event Boxes, Brunswick, ME 08/09/03
Phynstar's 8 Scavenger Event Boxes, Brunswick, ME 08/09/03
The World's Fishiest HH, Brunswick, ME 08/09/03
legerdemaine's Portland Head Light, Portland, ME 08/10/03
Bug Light, Portland, ME 08/10/03
Letterbox Letterbox, Portland, ME 08/10/03
Key to the City, Portland, ME 08/10/03
Forest Park Series, Portland, ME 08/10/03
Sea Song Mystery, Portsmouth, NH 08/10/03
Native Flower, Rocky Hill, CT 08/24/03
Walk Through Geologic Time's Trilobyte, Rocky Hill, CT 08/24/03
Fairy Flit, South Glastonbury, CT 08/24/03
Sunshine Daydream Letterboxes, Glastonbury, CT 08/24/03
Springweather Quest A, Springfield, VT 08/30/03
Ascutney Audabon Society Bonus Box #1, Springfield, VT 08/30/03
Springweather Quest B, Springfield, VT 08/30/03
Ascutney Audabon Society Bonus Box #2, Springfield, VT 08/30/03
North Springfield Bog Quest, No. Springfield, VT 08/30/03
Herrick's Cove Bird Quest, Rockingham, VT 08/30/03
Rockingham Meetinghouse Quest, Rockingham, VT 08/30/03
Sampson Hitchhiker, West Dover, VT 08/31/03
Riverbound Farms, Cheshire, CT 09/0603
Farmington Canal Rails to Trails, Cheshire, Cheshire, CT 09/0603
Farmington Canal Rails to Trails, Mt Carmel Station, Hamden, CT 09/06/03
Hot Diggitty Dog a Birthday Box, Cheshire, CT 09/0603
Adventures at Brooksvale, Hamden, CT 09/0603
Farmington Valley Greenway Stratton Spur Trail, West Simsbury, CT 09/0703
Massacoe State Forest #3, Simsbury, CT 09/07/03
3 Furry Friends, Simsbury, CT 09/07/03
Ginger Meets Molly Event Stamp, Hampton, CT 09/13/03
Molly Looking for Ginger HH, Hampton, CT 09/13/03
Ginger Looking for Molly HH, Hampton, CT 09/13/03
Hairless Troll HH, Hampton, CT 09/13/03
Kittie Bittie HH, Hampton, CT 09/13/03
K9 Pacifier HH, Hampton, CT 09/13/03
Dashing through the Snow HH, Hampton, CT 09/13/03
Pixie Pam's Traveler, Hampton, CT 09/13/03
Jay Drew's Bosun Traveler,, Hampton, CT 09/13/03
Face of Freedom HH, Hampton, CT 09/13/03
Hour Glass HH, Hampton, CT 09/13/03
Girl Meets Boy HH, Hampton, CT 09/13/03
Kiwi Connection Letterbox, Hampton, CT 09/13/03
Ginger Meets Molly Event Stamp,, Hampton, CT 09/13/03
French Fox's The Long Patrol Traveler, Hampton, CT 09/13/03
Cat in the Hat Box, Hampton, CT 09/13/03
The Waggin Tail Series, Hampton, CT 09/13/03
Amour, Hampton, CT 09/13/03
My Dogs are Barking Series, Hampton, CT 09/13/03
The Bear Family, Hampton, CT 09/13/03
Psychokiwi's Bon Voyage Box, Hampton, CT 09/13/03 [Our 300th Find!]
Goodwin State Forest #28, Hampton, CT 09/13/03 [CT State Forest patch!!]
Let's Play, Arlington, CT 09/14/03
Brodie Park, New Hartford, CT 09/14/03
Flower Drum Song, East Haddam, CT 09/17/03
Come Fly with Me, Plainville, CT 09/21/03
Shade Swamp Boxes, Farmington, CT 09/21/03
FMF Duo, Farmington, CT 09/21/03
Grist Mill, Plymouth, MA 09/27/03
Reunion, Harwich, MA 09/28/03
Chatham Light, Chatham, MA 09/28/03
Chatham Rooster 2, North Chatham, MA 09/28/03
Window on the Bay, Brewster, MA 09/28/03
Spruce Hill, Brewster, MA 09/28/03
Eagle Point, Brewster, MA 09/28/03
Black Crow at Quivet, Dennis, MA 09/28/03
The Dead Drive-In, Dennis, MA 09/28/03
A Very Gorey Letterbox, Yarmouthport, MA 09/28/03
Heron's Haven, Yarmouthport, MA 09/28/03
Otter Brook Dam, Peterborough, NH 10/11/03
Horatio Colony Preserve Quest, Keene, NH 10/11/03
Horatio Colony House Quest, Keene, NH 10/11/03
legerdemaine's Opus #130, 10/25/03
Beaver Meadow Quest, Norwich, VT 11/1/03
Boston Lot Quest, West Lebanon, NH 11/1/03
Dana House Quest, West Lebanon, NH 11/1/03
Amphitheater Quest, Hanover, NH 11/1/03
Libraries of Hanover Quest, Hanover, NH 11/1/03
White Pine Valley Quest, Hanover, NH 11/1/03 [Valley Quest Patch!]
Chapuline's Brownsville Cemetery, Brownsville, VT 11/7/03
Rubaduc's Brownsville Bug, Brownsville, VT 11/7/03
Windsor Architectural Quest, Windsor, VT 11/7/03
North Main Street Quest, Windsor, VT 11/7/03
Quechee Gorge Quest, Quechee, VT 11/8/03
MommaFox's Quechee Gorge, Quechee, VT 11/8/03
MommaFox's Ottaquechee River Bridge, Quechee, VT 11/8/03
Constitution House Quest, Windsor, VT 11/9/03
Historic Windsor Quest, Windsor, VT 11/9/03
Blacksmith Covered Bridge Quest, Cornish, NH 11/9/03
Trinity Church Quest, Cornish, NH 11/9/03
Fort 4's Past Quest, Charlestown, NH 11/9/03
Crystal Mall EMS's Letterbox, New London, CT 11/15/03
Wanda's New Mystery Traveler, New London, CT 11/15/03
Troll King, Longmeadow, MA 11/16/03
Final 3 boxes, Thornton Burgess Series, Hampden, MA 11/16/03
Kiss My Bass Hitchhiker, Longmeadow, MA 11/16/03 [PFX500!] [First Finders]
Dancing at Bougival HH, 11/16/03
legerdemaine's HOW [Opus #137], 11/18/03
ScoutDog's F-100 Mile Stone Postal Letterbox, 11/18/03
Witchcraft HH, East Haddam, CT 11/23/03
Handy Hand HH, East Haddam, CT 11/23/03
Sadie & Russ' Grinch in CT, East Haddam, CT 11/23/03 [Thanks so much!]
Jay Drew's Sherlock's Home Series, East Haddam, CT 11/23/03
Pink Trotters' African Queen, East Haddam, CT 11/23/03
Castle Oak Mystery, 11/23/03
Hoot HH, West Dover, VT 11/30/03
Irish Triplets HH, West Dover, VT 11/30/03
Rubaduc's Mr. Cool, Kensington, CT 12/13/03 [Thanks, you are the best!]
Shooting Star, Farmington, CT 12/27/03
Rubaduc's Suburban Series, Unionville, CT 12/27/03
Lt. Core Memorial Series, Farmington, CT 12/27/03
Rubaduc's Goose Bumps, Newington, CT 12/28/03
Rubaduc's Balf Park, Newington, CT 12/28/03
Rubaduc's Jacobs Ladder, Newington, CT 12/28/03
Scout Dog's PFX 500 Box Postal Box, 12/30/03
RTRW's Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hartford, CT 1/11/04
RTRW's The Sharp Dressed Man, Hartford, CT 1/11/04
RTRW's Soaring Eagle, East Hartford, CT 1/11/04
Riverfront Trail - Hartford/East Hartford, East Hartford, CT 1/11/04
La Chola's beautiful La Poste en Boulivie Postal Letterbox, 1/31/04
Perk on Main, Durham, CT 2/8/04
Sadie & Russ's A Letterboxing Valentine, Guilford, CT 2/8/04
The Hideout. Guilford, CT 2/8/04
Scouting Postal Letterbox, 2/28/04Brian's POE Event Stamp, 2/29/04
POE Letterbox, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Phynstar's Felix Traveler, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Warrior Woman's "La Pucelle" Traveler, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Wanda's "Sweetheart" Traveler, Westboro, MA 2/29/04
Father Time HH, Westboro, MA 2/29/04

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